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Private Dinners

Make dinner time intimate again! Book now for your very own 3 course private dinner or a signature dinner experience in the comfort of your very own home.

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Having a medium to large event and could use a private chef? Chef Lonnie is at your service!

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Special events should be exactly what it is, special! Let Chef Lonnie help make your event one to remember with finger-licking food for everyone to enjoy.

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Some may consider brunch to be one of the most popular meals out there and with good reason! WIth its perfect combination of breakfast and lunch, sweet and savory, and tasty mimosas it's a fun experience everyone can be a part of. Book Chef Lonnie now for your next brunch experience.

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 Having a small party, get-together, or a good ol’ fashion family dinner? No matter the occasion, Chef Lonnie can help wow your guests with flavorful recipes.

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Start your party off right with savory and ambrosial appetizers like dips, spreads, finger foods, and more! Whether attending a meeting, baby shower, or graduation party, Chef Lonnie can create classic recipes that will please everyone on the guest list.

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