What will you find when you open our menu? Feasts inspired by the local flavors,
as well as tastes from around the globe. You can always expect the delightfully
unexpected when it comes to Chef Lonnie’s menus.

Dinner Menu

3-Course Dinner Menu served with choice of soup, salad, or appetizer and homemade dessert

  • Steak Oscar

    Looking for an elegant meal that’s perfect for any occasion? Then try this beautiful dish introducing a tender and juicy pan-seared bacon wrapped filet mignon accompanied by succulent crab meat, slightly crispy asparagus, and smothered in a glorious bernaise sauce with your choice of side.

  • Louisiana Cajun Salmon

    This simple yet delicate dish features a Louisiana cajun style salmon with herb & garlic cream sauce topped with papaya slaw alongside oven-roasted sweet potato medallions and poached broccolini.

  • Carne Asada (Skirt Steak)

    This tender grilled skirt steak is bursting with authentic Mexican flavors! Grilled to perfection with arroz verde (Green rice) that’s made with fresh herbs and poblano peppers and grilled corn rubbed down with a garlic herb compote butter.

  • Seafood paella

    This saffron-infused paella is loaded with mussels, clams, and shrimp. This colorful rice dish along with chorizo sausage is packed with lots of flavor and can be fun for you and the family. Served with toasted baguette slices to complete this delicious meal.

  • Red Snapper With Jollof Rice

    With its robust flavors and fresh ingredients, this African favorite is sure to send your taste buds on a journey through the motherland. Tender red snapper perfectly coated with herbs and spices with a savory blend of roasted vegetables and spices to create mouthwatering jollof rice and served with fresh crispy okra.

  • African Stew Chicken

    Stews have always been a part of African cuisine and it will soon be a part of yours. This popular aromatic and deeply flavored recipe has a rich thick tomato-based sauce and cooked vegetables. It's served with warm African rice & beans and hand cut plantains and is sure to be your new favorite dish!

  • Duck l'orange

    Duck l'Orange is a classic French dish in which duck is roasted and served with an orange glaze. With crisp crackling skin, succulent meat, and a velvety citrus sauce that tastes like summer and paired with gently braised red cabbage and roasted potatoes- it’s a dish too delicious not to try.

  • Alaskan Halibut

    Say hello to this heavenly recipe, pan-seared Alaskan halibut! Paired with warm quinoa and fresh lima bean salad- this lean, mild, and sweet flavored halibut topped with a french butter avocado compote is sure to steal the show.

  • Bruschetta Stuffed Prosciutto Wrapped Chicken Breast

    An extraordinary combo of sweet and savory that'll leave you wanting more! Premium chicken breast stuffed with sweet and tasty bruschetta then wrapped in savory goodness. Served with cacio e pepe(cheese & pepper) gnocchi and fresh vegetables. Ammazza!

  • Handmade Creamy Pasta Carbonara Cups

    Here's a twist on an old classic that'll be fun for the whole table. Handmade pasta tossed in creamy carbonara sauce, topped with crispy bacon, finished off in the oven to form muffin-like cups. Served with homemade garlic butter bread to complete this dish.

  • Grilled lamb kefta kabobs

    These lovely handmade Kefta lamb kabobs are packed with flavor and will definitely be the highlight of the night. Enjoy these juicy lamb kabobs over lemon herb roasted potatoes alongside a cool refreshing cucumber and tomato greek salad.

  • Butter Chicken

    This North Indian classic packs a huge punch when it comes to flavor. Aromatic golden chicken pieces are covered in an incredible creamy butter-based curry sauce. Accompanied with warm garlic butter rice, lachha, and fresh handmade naan. Get ready to transport your taste buds to a different world.

Chef's Choice

Want to experience different flavors from different cultures at your dinner table? These familiar recipes are some of Chef Lonnie’s favorites to cook… and EAT!

Each dish is served with a tasty combo of protein, starch, and veggies for a complete meal!

  1. Guava-Hoisin BBQ Ribs With Island Rice And Plantains
  2. Jerk Chicken With Rice N’ Peas
  3. Arroz Con Pollo (rice with chicken)
  4. Loco Moco (Hawaiian)
  5. Handmade biscuits with Sawmill sausage gravy
  6. Chicken and Shrimp served with Yellow rice and steamed veggies
  7. Fish N’ Chips
  8. Shrimp N’ Grits or Fish N’ Grits with Mustard Gravy
  9. Asian One-Pan Stir-Fry Shrimp, Greenbeans, And Carrots
  10. Asian Style Beef And Broccoli Stir-Fry

Signature Brunch Menu

Served with:

  • Fruit platter
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Bacon
  • Sausage with sautéed Peppers & Onions
  • Mix Berry Crunch Oatmeal
  • Creamy & cheesy mascarpone grits
  • Roasted Rosemary & Brown Butter Potatoes.

Custom Brunch Menu

  1. Fruit Platter
  2. Scrambled Eggs
  3. Bacon/Turkey Bacon & Sausage (Links or Patties)
  4. Choice Of 2 Proteins(Chicken, Salmon, Lamb, Etc.)
  5. 3 Side Options
  6. Breakfast Potatoes
  7. Dessert Option

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