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Chef Lonnie

Culinary Director

The big anniversary is approaching and the usual reservation at a typical restaurant is not how you want to celebrate. You have just had the most stressful work week and cooking dinner is the last thing on your mind. That is where Chef Lonnie, Culinary Director of Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering comes in to save the day. Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering is not just for special moments, it is also for the busy individual. Just sit back and relax while Chef Lonnie cooks up a royal experience in the comfort of your home.

Chef Lonnie has always had a love for the culinary arts. Growing up, he cooked meals for family and friends, discovering his talent for the craft. His dream has always been to own and operate his own restaurant. His vision has come alive with Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering, the restaurant that travels to you. Armed with determination and passion, he decided that he had to pursue what he was naturally gifted at, leading him to enroll in culinary school. Chef Lonnie was trained at Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, one of the top ten culinary schools in the United States. He honed his skills while learning from experienced chefs during his career. As Demi Chef De Partie, Chef Lonnie prepared meals for thousands of guests at Club Med, an all inclusive resort. Along with being a Chef, he managed the full restaurant team as Assistant Restaurant Manager.

With his extensive experience in the food industry and drive for going above and beyond for every client, he is now a private chef working just for you and ready to provide a one of a kind dining experience. From planning your vision, grocery shopping, setting the table for fine dining, cooking, to cleaning, Chef Lonnie will make sure you never have to lift a finger- just eat and enjoy. You deserve to be treated like the king and queen you are. Taste the royalty today with Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering

Why hire a personal chef?

Special occasions have become the #1 reason why people hire a private chef! Are you celebrating an achievement or someone special? Planning a date night or picnic? Or Maybe you just want to enjoy some time with friends or have a joyous family dinner?

Let’s face it, being a host/hostess at your own event can become quite stressful and tiresome. Especially when you want everything to be perfect and go well.

Ambrosia Private chef & catering was designed for moments like these. Chef Lonnie wants to remove the stress of making sure everything is perfect. Chef Lonnie handles all of the cooking, serving, and cleaning so you can focus on what’s important, those you care about. Not only will you have great food to wow your guests, but you can be able to relax, enjoy, and truly have the unique and wonderful experience of being a guest at your own event.

Private 3-course Dinner

Enjoy a mouth-watering in-home three course service for dinner, any special occasion, or a gourmet picnic.

Fresh Ingredients

Chef Lonnie carefully hand selects the freshest ingredients for the best flavors.

5-Star Fine Dining Experience

Chef Lonnie brings the luxury of restaurant quality dining and service to your home! Not only with a custom menu to fit your taste, but with top tier service deserving of a king and queen. Chef Lonnie handles the beverage, wine/alcohol, and waiter services as well from start to finish! Just like at your favorite restaurant.


After the event is over, Chef Lonnie will take care of cleaning the work areas – no need to bicker over the dishes, ever! You just kick back, continue enjoying yourself, and spend more time with those you love.

Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering

About Us

Welcome to the new way to enjoy fine dining! The French, who are considered the innovators of European Cuisine, believe there is a difference between eating and dining. Anyone can eat, but to the French, dining requires a distinguishing palate and a trained appreciation for good food. The art of dining is known as gastronomy, and the French consider the diner’s art of gastronomy to be just as important as the chef ’s art of creating food. For the French, eating takes as much artistic sensibility as cooking does. The French live to eat and love to eat. Just like you!

The restaurant was another dining innovation the French can claim credit for. Before the restaurant, most people ate in taverns and inns, which focused on drinks or lodging and offered food only out of necessity. Then, in 1765, a chef known today only as Monsieur Boulanger opened the first ever restaurant in Paris. In French, “restaurant” means “restorer”. His establishment, simply called the “Restaurant,” was focused entirely on food and gave diners a choice of dishes. Chef Lonnie is here to bring a bit of that history to your kitchen! So restore your peace of mind and let Chef Lonnie put you in good hands as he brings the restaurant to you!

Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering wants to bring back the excitement of dinner time and restore faith in eating around the dinner table amongst family and friends. Why gamble your night away at a crowded and noisy restaurant with a server who may have an issue with getting you that refill?! After all, times like these are supposed to be special and intimate.

We’re here for everyone- including the busy individual, date nights, special occasions, and all celebratory events! Infusing As your private chef, Chef Lonnie will create a medley of delicious flavors to delight your taste buds. He will travel to the comfort of your home, or any other destination of your choice. And don’t worry about lifting a finger- Chef Lonnie will shop for the ingredients, set the table, cook, serve, and clean. This is a one of a kind experience you don’t want to miss. Be the king or queen of your life, and treat yourself to Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering todayTaste The Royalty

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