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Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering

Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering provides a unique, in-home, and exclusive private dinner experience for those special moments and get-togethers. We are that name of choice when eating goes beyond the ordinary. Whether it’s an intimate dinner, baby shower, corporate lunch, wedding, or sorority event, our skilled catering team is ready to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We have proven time and again that, when it comes to delicious, diverse menus and exceptional service, Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering can create an unforgettable memory to last until the next time.


Our Mission

By providing quality delicious foods and an impeccable service, Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering delivers a friendly and professional experience that brings life to the events of his clients and creates remarkable memories.


Ambrosia Private Chef & Catering desires to make every client event special and unforgettable by preparing exquisitely and flavorsome cooked food in an ambiance that will appeal in every sense. We believe in offering not only a versatile service but also consistency and presentation that will surely leave a lasting impression.

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